Zillions of Practice Problems Fractions and Zillions of Practice Problems Decimals and Percents are now available.

     They fill a real need for those students who would like to have more experience working with these topics. 

     They were fun to write.  For example, no other fractions book on the market tells about Joe popping empty jelly bean bags.  Or about a bridal magazine that describes "The Perfect Bridal Tiara."  Or the results of playing with ketchup in the bathtub.




        Life of Fred: Logic has just become available.  The first part of the book is a perfect high school logic course.  The whole book is a college level text.  Everything from simple sentences in logic to a proof of Gödel's two Incompleness theorems.  A list of 17 popular logic falacies that convinces Fred to buy life insurance for his wife (and Fred isn't married!)




        The whole Life of Fred Eden Series for Beginning Readers is now available.  Thirty-two page hardback beginning reader books for $6 each.  Click here for more information.  In addition to Fred and Kingie's vacation adventure, young readers will learn about . . .

→ 18 colors---one on the back of each book (including burnt umber)
→ reading clocks
→ packing too much or too little for a trip
→ map reading
→ buying bus tickets
→ appliances need to be plugged in in order to work
→ talking about your dreams
→ how to make French fries and mashed potatoes
→ counting up to 3
→ three emotions: sad, happy, afraid
→ ducks lay eggs and eggs hatch
→ brothers protect their sisters
→ a dozen is 12
→ the days of the week
→ how to build a playhouse in your living room
→ how to prevent ducks from hopping on your bed
→ steps in building a house
→ the concept of zero
→ why you shouldn't leave the front door of your house open
→ you have a choice for the colors and styles for kitchen appliances
→ women can be electricians
→ not playing with electricity
→ Bach didn't own a cell phone
→ besides electricity, a kitchen needs water
→ North, East, South, and West on a map
→ making spaghetti
→ learning to say "thank you" and learning to work neatly
→ gardening (what roots are; why we water plants; names of common fruit trees)
→ three recipes for peaches
→ you are not to take things that are not yours
→ boat safety
→ how not to sell a house
→ Kingie gives instruction on oil painting
→ color pictures of the KITTENS University campus

Have fun reading AND learn stuff!



Stan wrote a book for those who are serious about talking to God (and listening)! 

Prayers at 8:30 is an illustrated collection of 104 prayers unlike those you hear on Sunday morning.  Written to change your life.

For details click here.




               Life of Fred: Five Days is unique.  Upper division math is much different than lower division calculus.  Few students ever get a chance to experience real math: solving puzzles rather than computing answers.  Five days of Fred's adventures in four math subjects. 




   Life of Fred: Chemistry is now available for ordering at this website.

    Chemistry for high school students.  And Fred will be teaching it.  Do we need to say more?
For details, click here.



    Life of Fred: Financial Choices has just been published.  Tenth grade through adult.  A zillion topics never mentioned in school or at home, including a guide to retiring in 24 years.  For details click here.



    The Language Arts series for high school students is now complete.  For details click here.



On my personal site    StanleySchmidt.com   are two major expansions:

-----Under "TV Shows" are the videos of
                 StanCAT: What It Means to Be Well Educated
                 the television programs I produced in the 1990s.   Click here.

-----Under "Sermons" are 17 videos of
                 What It Means to Live Life Fully.     Click here.